RPG Bard

Create your own roleplaying game material

What is RPG Bard?

RPG Bard is a cross-platform roleplaying game development tool that allows users to quickly and easily create pro-quality RPG books, export them as a print-quality PDF, and then use, share, print, or sell them.

Time saving features

Create rule books, campaign settings, adventures, and other roleplaying game supplements faster and easier than ever before. Planned features include:


Rapid creation and reuse:
~ Stat-block and artwork templates
~ Stat-block and artwork libraries
~ Stat-block and artwork import
~ Prepopulated stat-blocks and artwork
~ Custom stat-block support


Professional layout and formatting:
~ Front and back cover designer
~ Interior theme designer
~ Built-in cover and theme designs
~ Automatic interior formatting
~ Custom content support


Print-quality PDF export for:
~ immediate use
~ sharing
~ online sales
~ print sales
~ and print-on-demand

For gamers, by gamers

RPG Bard is one of the tabletop gaming support efforts of Shyloh Wideman and Dan Steeby of Ruxed LLC with art contributions for the demo covers from our amazing supporting artists. Roleplaying gamers (Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, DCC RPG, etc.) since the late 70’s, our goal with RPG Bard was to create an integrated toolset that makes it quick and easy to create roleplaying game material for both existing game systems and any new ones users might create. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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