RPG Bard Alpha: Supporting Content

Greetings! Short version is we are still working on the Alpha release of RPG Bard but wanted to share some actual screen grabs of the support content areas that support the Creating a Book process.

Font Line Heights Update

This is the last issue we are dealing with still. If we are able to resolve, all 400+ fonts will work will in the Alpha version. If we are not able to resolve, all fonts will still be available but only the default fonts for a book style (defined by the system and theme) will work well in the PDF export. You’d still be able to design books using all fonts and preview them online, just not print them.

Alpha Preview – Supporting Content Areas

The following all support the book creation process documented in our RPG Bard Alpha: Creating a Book newsletter. These areas support that process through process automation (cover and interior layout, content formatting), libraries of reusable content (fonts, images, stat blocks, visual elements), legal and support information (including feedback and feature request forms), and user account management.

Element, stat, and image libraries all allow you to add your own content. For fonts, which requires some extra back end finagling, a form is provided to request the addition of new fonts that we can then take care of on your behalf.


Visual elements can be inserted into the pages you create to expedite formatting and layout. These elements transform styles (fonts, colors, spacing, treatments, background images, etc.) automatically when you switch between different system styles and book templates.

You can also create your own elements to create your own library of custom content types and/or page layouts for future use. This can be done from scratch or by duplicating and modifying an existing visual element.




Stat blocks can also be inserted into the pages you create, allowing you to skip all stat block formatting, which is a lot. The stat block will also transform styles as you switch between game system styles and book templates.

You can also create your own stat blocks from scratch, using a blank stat block template, or by duplicating and modifying any of the already 1000 stat blocks available.




Images can be added to book covers and interior pages and will automatically be resized to fit the bounding content area (such as fitting perfectly within a page column or adjusting to a “logo appropriate size” for company logos on a book cover). We have a set of free background images, which are free to use within RPG Bard and available to all. Images you upload are exclusively yours and not available to other users.




There are over 600 fonts available in about 200 font families for use in RPG Bard. All of these, as far as we can tell from reading their legal agreements, are free for commercial use. When they have been available for a font, we have provided links for the font download, legal agreement, and original source. There is also a form to request new fonts so we can add them for your, and everyone else’s, use.





While not terribly robust just yet, we do have some legalese and support documentation available through the “File” menu. Most important is the “Give Feedback to Ruxed LLC” option under “Help”. This will let you tell us what isn’t working so we can fix it and to request features so we can add them. This will allow us to go from Alpha to Beta and, ultimately, release a final product to the community at large.





Account Management

You can also access and update your account info by clicking on your username in the top-right corner of the screen.


Good gaming!

Shyloh Wideman
Creative Director
Trusty Sword Entertainment / RUXED LLC