RPG Bard Alpha: Fonts Preview

We’ve been incommunicado for the last few months now as we’ve been scrambling to have the free RPG Bard Alpha Release to you this month. Even though we’ve whittled the to-do list down from a few hundred items to about 30 at this point, these last ones are all doozies. It’ looking like the free RPG Bard Alpha release date is going to push back at least a few months.

Upcoming Newsletters

On the plus side, a pushed back release date means I can finally do some communications work and start leaking RPG Bard screenshots as we finish up the various sections. I also had the opportunity to interview Andrew Ragland of FASA Games, Inc. and Tim C. Koppang of TCK Roleplaying back in March about their game design/book creation process to help inform the features and development of RPG Bard. I’m looking forward to sharing those interviews with you as well.

All Features Still On Track

At this point, we are still on track to implement the game system support, preloaded content, and initial features as described in our RPG Bard Alpha Release newsletter back in February. Preloaded content-wise, we have already implemented:

Because the majority of licenses on these allow or require free access and distribution, we have gone ahead and set up RPG Bard to allow full access to all the free fonts and Open Game License stats to everybody, including non-users.

RPG Bard Fonts

The RPG Bard Fonts section is split into three primary functions:

  • A font list: to pick your font family
  • Font detail pages: to view individual font styles, glyphs, license, and source information, as well as to download
  • And a “Request Font” form: to request the addition of another font to RPG Bard

The 600 fantasy, horror, and sci-fi fonts (in just over 200 font families) that are, from our review of the license, free for commercial use can be added to later by us and/or users. Currently implemented fonts were selected from:

If a user would like a new font added, they can (after reviewing a font’s license and verifying that it is free for commercial use) request that font be added to RPG Bard using the Request Font from. After the Request Font form is received, we’ll review the font and font license and, if everything looks good, add it to RPG Bard for you, making it also available to all other RPG Bard users. (New fonts are not limited to the above free font sites.)

Fonts List

Below is what the current Fonts page looks like. It provides the list of all the font families along with an example and the number of font styles in that font family. To add a new font, you’d click the Request Font button at the top of the page. To get to the font details page, you’d click on the font’s sample text.


Font Detail Pages

Once you have clicked on the font’s sample text on the Fonts page, you will get the Font Details page for that font, which currently looks like the examples below. These include a link back to the source, a link to the license (or the text “No license” if one is not available), a download link, samples of the variant fonts, and a full glyph list so you can make sure the font has the characters that you need it to.




Font Licenses

If you click on the License link, the license will pop up in a new tab. Most are plain text, so will look something like:


I’ll have more screens for you as the other sections of RPG Bard are finalized.

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Shyloh Wideman
Creative Director
Trusty Sword Entertainment / RUXED LLC