Introducing RPG Bard

Hi, my name is Shyloh Wideman and I am the creative director and project manager for RPG Bard.

What is RPG Bard?

RPG Bard is a is a cross-platform roleplaying game development tool that allows authors and game masters to create professional-quality roleplaying game books, export them to a print-quality PDF, and then use, share, print, or sell them.

Among its many features, RPG Bard will include:

  • A robust cover designer
  • Font, art, and stat-block libraries
  • Automatic interior formatting
  • A stat-block database importer
  • And a print-quality PDF exporter

Our goal with this toolset is to make it quick and easy to create roleplaying game material for both existing game systems and any new ones a user might create. As gamers ourselves, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Making It Happen

If you’d like to help out during out development stage, we’d love to get your thoughts and suggestions: What roleplaying games do you play? What other features would you want in an RPG book-creation tool? Would you be interested in Beta testing RPG Bard?

We’ll be getting a game system survey out soon, as well as more information on RPG Bard and our Beta program. In the meantime, you can sign up for project notifications right now at

Shyloh Wideman

Creative Director
Trusty Sword Entertainment / RUXED LLC